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Barracuda Backup Service is an affordable data backup solution that provides full local data backups with several options for offsite data replication. Barracuda Backup Service provides complete control over where data is stored. For local backup, Barracuda Backup Service offers a full line of Barracuda Backup Servers to store data locally at different sized locations. To prevent catastrophic data loss at any single location, Barracuda Backup Service lets customers replicate backups offsite to the cloud, to their privately owned locations or a combination of both.

Easy Replication to the Cloud

Replicating backups offsite to the Barracuda Backup Service cloud is a quick, simple way to protect data in the event of a disaster. Barracuda Central, Barracuda Networks’ 24x7 operations center, manages all monitoring, alerting and management of offsite data -- providing full data visibility and access while keeping your data safe.

Private cloud storage

The addition of site-to-site replication to the local and cloud options previously available, gives customers absolute control over where they store their data. Barracuda Backup Service offers three deployment options for creating private-cloud data storage through site-to-site replication technology:
  • Replication among Barracuda Backup Servers; each server backs up data locally then sends the data offsite to Barracuda Backup Servers at other locations.
  • Replication from Barracuda Backup Servers at satellite locations to a central Barracuda Backup Server.
  • Replication from one Barracuda Backup Server to multiple Barracuda Backup Servers.

Hosted cloud/private cloud storage

For organizations that want an even higher level of storage safety, Barracuda Backup Service lets administrators combine any of the deployment options for private cloud storage listed above with a subscription for data replication in Barracuda’s cloud storage service.
This multilayer approach provides the best of both worlds; easy onsite backups for fast restore times and secure offsite storage for effective disaster recovery.

Advanced Storage Features

Regardless of the type of deployment, Barracuda Backup Service provides several features that save organizations time and money as well as aid in compliance. Barracuda Backup Service deduplicates data inline at the block level to reduce traditional backup storage requirements by 20 to 50 times while reducing backup windows and bandwidth requirements. This data deduplication technology provides efficient replication of data between sites and to Barracuda Networks’ cloud storage service. The addition of site-to-site replication provides customers with Barracuda deduplication technology in their private network environments. Here is a list of advanced features:
  • Deduplication for efficient backup storage
  • Redundant disk-based storage
  • Best-of-breed data retention policies
  • Web interface multi-location management
  • Restore by Web, FTP and Windows software

Barracuda Backup Server Series

Local inline Deduplication Backup Systems with available offsite Cloud Storage or site to site replication.

Suggested Backup Volume is raw, uncompressed data to be backed up. This sizing guideline depends on environment and selected options.

Model 190
Suggested Backup Volume: 200 GB
Internal Capacity: 500 GB

Model 390
Suggested Backup Volume: 500 GB
RAID Internal Capacity: 1 TB

Model 490
Suggested Backup Volume: 1 TB
RAID Internal Capacity: 2 TB

Model 690
Suggested Backup Volume: 2 TB
RAID Internal Capacity: 4 TB

Model 890
Suggested Backup Volume: 6 TB
RAID Internal Capacity: 12 TB

Model 990
Suggested Backup Volume: 12 TB
RAID Internal Capacity: 24 TB