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NextGen Firewall Virtual Firewalls

The Barracuda NG Firewall is a family of hardware and virtual appliances designed to protect network infrastructure, improve site-to-site connectivity and simplify administration of network operations. Beyond its powerful network firewall, IPS and VPN technologies, the Barracuda NG Firewall integrates a comprehensive set of next generation firewall technologies, including Layer 7 application control, WAN optimization, Web filtering, anti-virus, anti-spam and network access control enforcement.
Central Management Across the Enterprise

With hardware models ranging from the micro branch office up to the large headquarters and datacenters, and a corresponding offering of virtual appliances, the Barracuda NG Firewall is designed for deployment across the entire enterprise. Through the Barracuda NG Control Center, administrators can manage security, content and traffic management policies from a single interface. Centralized management of security and content policy provides a number of benefits, including:

  • Consistent security posture and policy enforcement across the enterprise
  • Real-time accounting and reporting across multiple gateways
  • Comprehensive history and rollback of configuration and policy changes across the network
  • Centralized version control of anti-spam, anti-virus, Web filter and network access control updates

Intelligent Traffic Management

The Barracuda NG Firewall features intelligent site-to-site traffic management capabilities that optimize both availability and performance of the wide area network. Administrators can control application-level routing and prioritization of traffic across multiple links, tunnels and traffic conditions. Supported link types include dedicated lines, xDSL, 3G wireless mobile networks, and any other link types presented as a copper or optical Ethernet link.

Stops Threats and Reduces Administrative Overhead

The Barracuda NG Firewall is an application-aware firewall solution designed to mitigate threats, enforce policies and optimize traffic flow - resulting in ultra reliable WAN links. As an added benefit, industry leading, centralized management provides visibility of the entire network, reducing administrative overhead and in line costs.