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  • Blocks access to Web sites based on domain, URL pattern, or content category
  • Blocks downloads based on file type
  • Blocks applications that access the Internet, including IM, music services, and software update utilities
  • Integrates with "safe search" filters built into popular images search engines
  • Provides integrated gateway and desktop spyware protection
  • Uses Barracuda Web Security Agents compatible with Windows PC’s and Macs to enforce Internet policies on off-network computers.
Powerful, Enterprise-Class Solution

The Barracuda Web Filter combines preventative, reactive, and proactive measures to form a complete Web filtering solution. Designed for the enterprise, the Barracuda Web Filter enables you to set up custom policies for particular users and groups across customizable time ranges. The Barracuda Web Filter integrates with popular LDAP directory servers, such as Microsoft Active Directory, for both authentication and group membership information on which to apply custom policies. Sample uses of group policies include:

  • Restricting access to job board Web sites to only the Human Resources group
  • Defining separate policies for teachers and students at a school
  • Enabling compliance officers unrestricted access to the Web for investigation
  • Providing external instant messaging (e.g., AIM) access only to specific users or groups
  • Restricting personal Web browsing to non-working hours

For organizations that do not utilize directory servers, policies can be defined for unauthenticated users as a whole, locally defined users and groups, or network IP address ranges.

Best of Breed Spyware Protection

The Barracuda Web Filter employs a unique approach to integrate gateway and desktop spyware protection strategies. In providing Web security at the gateway, the Barracuda Web Filter prevents new spyware and virus infections as they attempt to penetrate the network. In addition, the Barracuda Web Filter facilitates automatic removal of spyware from previously infected Windows computers with the included Barracuda Spyware Removal Tool, an ActiveX control that can be served up automatically upon detection of spyware protocol activity (i.e., “phoning home”). By adaptively targeting those machines that are infected, the Barracuda Web Filter provides widespread protection and removal without requiring preloaded client software on every machine on the network.

Easy to Use
With no client software to install and no modifications required to your network, the Barracuda Web Filter is easy to deploy. It has an intuitive user interface for maintenance and monitoring, making it a virtually maintenance-free solution. Even system updates are made automatically by Barracuda Central, an advanced 24/7 security operations center where engineers work continuously to catalog sites used in personal Web browsing and to provide the most effective methods to combat the ever changing spyware variants. Updates are performed hourly so that your Barracuda Web Filter can provide ongoing enforcement of your Internet usage policy and protection of your network.

Large and small organizations alike demand solutions that are affordable not just today, but also in the future as they grow. With no per user license fee, the Barracuda Web Filter is the most affordable content filtering, application blocking, and anti-spyware solution available.

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