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Web filtering is essential to keep networks running smoothly and employees productive. Consider how much network bandwidth is lost processing adware across an entire organization. Alternatively, streaming media and downloading large video files can paralyze application traffic. On top of this, many cybercriminals have shifted from spam to using Web-based malware to attack networks. Barracuda Web Security Flex™ is a cloud-based Web filtering and security service that quickly gives administrators all the information and policy enforcement tools needed to isolate users from Internet threats, conserve network bandwidth and filter content for compliance and productivity. As a cloud-based service with flexible deployment options, Barracuda Web Security Flex is the easy and affordable way to manage Web access even at highly-distributed organizations needing to manage large numbers of remote users off the network.

Central Policy Management
Barracuda Web Security Flex's central management portal lets administrators create policies then instantly activate them everywhere needed. Default policies activate at deployment for immediate protection against malware as well as application and file control. Policies are easy to customize letting you achieve optimal results for business and regulatory compliance. For granular Web management, Barracuda Web Security Flex lets administrators create user-defined Web policies. Administrators can configure policies based on group membership, IP addresses or individual user requirements. Policies can manage user access to content under eight super categories composed of 95 subcategories. The "quota" feature is especially useful for solving bandwidth and productivity issues. Putting quotas in policies lets administrators allot connections, time or bytes users expend while Web browsing. For precise control, administrators can allow access to a Web site but block access to audio, video, executables and other functions on that site. Barracuda Web Security Flex also permits creating policies to manage use of applications such as P2P/File sharing, IM and streaming media. Application control and reporting is of particular interest to organizations concerned with Web 2.0 regulations. Besides managing access to Web 2.0 applications, Barracuda Web Security Flex also lets administrators enforce policies that prevent downloading and/or uploading files and content to Web 2.0 sites for DLP.

Centralized Monitoring
Barracuda Web Security Flex's cloud-based management portal lets administrators quickly and easily view Web activity for users everywhere on and off the network. The portal's one-page UI lets administrators instantly see Web use and diagnose problems in minutes. Barracuda Web Security Flex's Web dashboard displays interactive graphs that show system-level Internet activity in real time including all important criteria: Web requests, top users, and content categories as well as file types, sites and Web applications. Administrators click on the graphics to drill down from system-level statistics to forensic analysis of individual users — all through one easy-to-navigate Web page.

Insightful Central Reporting
For compliance or general management needs, Barracuda Web Security Flex easily provides reports that show Web activity at desired levels of detail from system-level statistics to individual users' behavior. Administrators can schedule reports for automatic delivery via email and export reports as HTML, CSV files, PDF, XML, or print files. Barracuda Web Security Flex also provides forensics reports for e-discovery requests.

Flexible Deployments
While Barracuda Web Security Flex is primarily offered as a cloud-based SaaS architecture, it also has deployment options for special requirements. Gateway appliances complement the cloud service by providing advanced application control, caching and granular identity management. These appliances, available as hardware or VMs, can be used as needed and combined with pure-SaaS filtering. To manage Web use by remote users at home offices and mobile users, administrators can deploy software agents. Barracuda Web Security Flex can be deployed in combinations of SaaS, appliances and agents tailored to the precise needs of any organization. Regardless of how an organization deploys Barracuda Web Security Flex, administrators manage all deployment options through a single cloud-based management portal.

Affordable Flexibility
Pricing is one of Barracuda Web Security Flex's most attractive features. All pricing is based on tiered user pricing. Tiered-user pricing lets administrators add users as needed without having to purchase another license for each new user. This pricing plan also lets organizations deploy any optional agents and appliances with no added agent licensing fees, hardware support or maintenance costs. If needs change, the architecture of the deployment, including any optional appliances or agents can change with little or no cost.

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BWU100a-w1 Barracuda Web Security Service1 Month Service (<250 Users) BWU100a-w12 Barracuda Web Security Service1 Year Service (<250 Users) BWU200a-w12 Barracuda Web Security Service1 Year (>250 Users)
BWU100a-w1 Barracuda Web Security Service1 Month Service (<250 Users). BWU100a-w12 Barracuda Web Security Service1 Year Service (<250 Users). BWU200a-w12 Barracuda Web Security Service1 Year (>250 Users).